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Rosario Heins

Rosario Heins is an artist with an exceptional career. Born in Colombia in 1957, she did her artistic training there before living for many years by the Caribbean Sea. She learned the mastery of painting, sculpture and engraving.

One understands better then from where the artist draws her imagination. The beach scenes, the light of her works and this lightness remind her of her childhood. Over the years, Rosario has never stopped working on her techniques to make her art evolve.

Sketches, preparatory drawings, nothing is left to chance during the creation of a work. The artist works with his heart but also brings out a social reality with the staging of the sellers of buoys or fruit.

The fineness of the line, the pencil technique and the delicacy of the colors ensure that his works have a unique and offbeat character. His works have the power to transport you to the other side of the world in a few seconds.

This is one of the reasons why Rosario’s works have been touring the world for the past forty years.

The artist's works