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Marie KVK

Marie KVK is an American artist born in 1980 in Minneapolis. She began her career as a painter in New York in 2004.

The artist drew her inspiration from her work in urban environments, particularly in New York (2004-2009), Paris (2009-2010) and London (2010-2014).

She uses several materials; oil paint, acrylic, airbrush, spraying, neon, stencils, photos, epoxy resins and others …

Since 2014, Marie has been working in her studio located in France, in Provence.

She collaborates regularly with the prestigious brand Roche Bobois to create collections of paintings including the famous Valentina series. These works are distributed worldwide.

Her paintings are ultra contemporary and beautifully finished.

At 20 years old, his friends offer him a painting kit for his birthday. This is the beginning of the adventure…

It is a fabulous work of precision. Thus, the price of each work is fixed according to the number of pixels and its size.

The originality of Marie Kvk’s painting technique makes it a “must have” for all contemporary art collectors.

The artist's works